Please Note: The WIT Girls Job Shadow Program is for members currently enrolled in High School and rising 9th graders

The WIT Girls Job Shadow Program will take place from July 15-19th 2024 from 8:30AM to 2:00PM. 

What is the WIT Girls Job Shadow Program? Teenage girls are provided with a glimpse of the day-to-day excitement of a career in technology. For one week in the summer, rising 9th graders and high school girls are paired with various technology centered organizations to experience the possibilities of a career in a STEAM field. Volunteers at these organizations share their education and career paths with the girls, giving them an idea of what it takes to succeed. 

Here is a look at the 2023 WIT Girls Job Shadow Program:

WIT Girls Parent Testimonials:

"WIT has given my daughter a view of the STEAM business world that she would have never received in a traditional classroom setting. We are truly grateful to WIT for providing a space and tools for girls to feel confident to pursue and thrive in the world of STEAM.” – Bisa, Mother of a WIT Girl

"I wanted my kids to know that there were so many different careers and companies, but I had no idea the in-depth knowledge they would be getting from WIT Girls events." - Debbie, Mother of a WIT Girl

"Introducing her to WIT was the best decision I could have made." - Kim, Mother of a WIT Girl 

Dates: July 15th - 19th 2024
Time: 8:30AM - 2:00PM

Applicants will be notified of their assigned company- June 28th

Parents and Girls will be required to attend a virtual 1-hour orientation on July 8th. We will be discussing expectations, dress code, and an overview of the program.

Please note if you no-showed during the 2023 WIT Girls Job Shadow Program, your acceptance into the 2024 program may be affected

Applications Close June 21st 2024


2023, Equifax
2023, Greenlight
2023, State Farm
2023, The Weather Company
2023, WMware
2022, Primerica
2022, NCR
2022, Equifax
2022, State Farm
2021, Cox
2021, Equifax
2021, NCR
2021, Eliseen
2021, Cox Automotive
2021, State Farm
2020, NCR
2020, State Farm
2020, T-Mobile
2020, Cox Automotive
No, this will be my first time participating

If no, please be sure to join the WIT Girls Community for FREE ahead of submitting your application:

Note: When possible, WIT works to provide ways to get WIT Girls to our Job Shadow Programs. Please email Rachel Collins at to learn more.

*Under special circumstances, we may be able to provide transportation from a central point to the program venue but it is not guaranteed.

Open Question:



Please note, submitting this application does not guarantee admission to the 2024 WIT Girls Job Shadow Program. If you are accepted you will be contacted. By completing this application you are giving the WIT Foundation consent to take and post any pictures to WIT and/or WIT Girls Social Media.

If you have additional questions, please contact Rachel Collins at

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