Cyber Security Educational Program for Single Mothers Application


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Cyber Security Educational Program for Single Mothers

Women in Technology (WIT) is providing a Cybersecurity Certificate program to benefit adult single mothers, living in poverty, interested in a financially sustaining career in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) and are looking to improve the quality of their lives and the lives of their children.


WIT's Single Mothers' Program Defined – This is How the Program Will Change Your Life!


1. 20 single mothers are chosen to participate each semester (2 semesters annually)

2. 12-Week Course / 96 Hours offered virtually by Emory (one of the most prestigious universities in the country) on Saturdays 8:30 am until 5:30 pm EST

3. You will learn in-demand offensive and defensive Cyber Security skills the world’s top tech companies are looking for

4. Students receive a certificate from Emory Continuing Education upon completing the program

5. Once a certification is received, WIT will provide job placement support for the top 50% ranked students

6. No previous experience or knowledge in Cyber Security required

7. Must have technology fundamentals knowledge

  • Don’t understand IT fundamentals? That is ok. Still apply as you could qualify for the WIT/Pyramid scholarship that will pay 100% of your tuition to attend the Emory IT Fundamentals class for free (5 week course)
  • 20 Scholarships are provided a year

8. Free childcare & development services during Saturday classes through our partner Sheltering Arms. No more than 1 child, age range 1-5, will be able to participate for the duration of the course (12 weeks 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.)

  • Additional children and other ages will be considered on a case-by-case bases
  • Mothers have the ability to take the virtual Emory courses onsite at Sheltering Arms. We have designed spaces created for you enabling you to break away during the approved class break times to see your children

9. Free transportation services on Saturdays to and from home and Sheltering Arms for those needing childcare through the duration of the program (12 weeks) (Must reside within Metro Atlanta)

10. Visa Gift cards for the purchase of lunch each Saturday will be provided at no charge through the duration of the program (12 weeks)

11. Laptops, monitors, keyboard and mouses will be provided so you have what you need at home for class. Each student that successfully completes the course will be able to keep the provided equipment.

12. Professional Development & Career Planning Services

  • Find your purpose, Goal Setting, Personal Branding/Networking

13. Financial Literacy courses

14. Personal Budget Management which includes one-on-one budget management coaching

15. Time Management

16. Corporate Etiquette

17. Nutrition and overall health training

18. One-on-one mentorship with women technologist from the WIT Community

19. Resume writing and LinkedIn profile workshops

20. One-on-one coaching on how to create your resume and LinkedIn profile

21. Microsoft Office 365 training on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook TEAMS, SharePoint, etc. (tools used by hiring managers)

22. Interviewing skills training as well as mock interview practice to get you ready for that interview

23. Job placement services for all graduates

24. Guaranteed jobs for the top 50% ranked students

25. Workshops on how to prepare for your first day of work as well as many other workshops offered to help you prepare to get the job and keep the job

26. Membership in WIT, and upon completing the course, you will receive free admission to WIT’s monthly breakfast educational events and evening socials for 2 y ears following completion of the program. This gives you the opportunity to network with other technology women in our community and continue to grow your network and your brand.

27. The participant completing the program with one of the highest scores in their class, is an ambassador of WIT helping other single mothers apply for the program, socializes the impact of this program on social media and is a team player helping other fellow students, will be recognized as the WIT Single Mother of The Year during the annual gala event held at the Mercedes Benz Stadium and will also be awarded a substantial monetary donation to celebrate their achievement.


Program Eligibility and Requirements – This is What We Require of You:

  • Must be an adult single mother ages 18-43
  • Unmarried, divorced, widowed, mother through adoption due to tragedy 
  • Must live in the state of Georgia
  • Must be a US Citizen or legally authorized to work in the US (can provide proof of work permit, VISA, etc.)
  • 100% attendance is required. Only 1 class can be missed with proven extenuating circumstances
  • Applicant will also be required to provide photo ID, 2021 completed tax return showing their annual GROSS income to be less than $36,000 annually, proof of employment in a technical field or college enrollment with a focus in technology. 
  • Applicant must have foundational knowledge of IT Fundamentals. If you do not have foundational knowledge of technology, please still apply as you may qualify for a scholarship to receive this training.
  • Applicant must be willing to attend a face-to-face interview with the WIT Single Mothers' Program Selection Committee
  • Applicants must agree to all program requirements and provide their signature to the Program Commitment Statement included in the application.
    • Program Commitment Statement: I understand that WIT and their Partners are investing over $11,000 in each individual participating in this program and my signature attests to my commitment to fully meet all program requirements, be on time for 12 weeks with adequate childcare in place for the duration of the class day, and to finish this course with the best of my ability
  • Applicant must write a maximum 500-word cover letter to Tell Us Your Story:
    • Tell us a little about yourself, where you are in your life
    • Why you want to participate
    • Why you should be selected
    • Your career goals
    • What would being awarded this opportunity mean to you
    • Anything else that you think is important to share with the selection committee
  • Applicant must provide 2 Letters of Recommendation (500 word maximum each) that includes the following about you:
    • ─Your character
    • ─Your reliability
    • ─Your determination to succeed
    • ─Your work and honesty ethic
    • ─Your ability to problem solve
    • ─Your dedication to your career and to your family
    • ─Why you should be chosen in the Cyber Security Educational Program for Single Mothers

Cyber Security Educational Program for Single Mothers Application

The following contains the submission form that we need you to complete to apply for this program.  Remember that the essay questions of this form is your opportunity to sell yourself and tell us why you should be selected to participate in our Cyber Security Education Program. We realize there is a lot of information we are requesting but there is a reason for this.  The more we know about you the better we are able to support you during this program.  Please take the time and invest in yourself for your future and your families' future.  You deserve this. 

Good Luck! 

NOTICE: At this time, it appears some users may receive an error message when submitting their application. Please know we are actively working to fix this. If you receive this error, please email Rachel Collins at to ensure your application and interest in the program is noted.

Click HERE to learn more about the WIT Single Mother’s Cyber Security Educational Program, Program Objectives, Program Benefits and Eligibility Requirements


Application Submission Deadline: Before midnight, May 6th, 2023




This application covers a lot of information, this is to ensure us that you are successful in the program if you are accepted.

Answering no to many of the following questions will not neccessarily disqualify you from acceptance. Please do not be discouraged! Keep going!

Contact Information

Divorced (have divorce decree)
Single (never married)
Separated (divorce filed, not finalized)
Mother through adoption due to tragedy
Child Support
Government Assistance
Social Security

Technology Knowledge

Computing Essentials
Computer Science, Information Technology or Info. Systems
Other Stem fields (please specify below)
Data analyst
Database administrator
IT security administrator/specialist
IT support specialist
Network administrator
Network engineer/specialist/support
Risk management specialist
Security administrator, auditor
System administrator
Other (specify below)
Social Media

Program Committment Statement

Program Commitment Statement: I understand that WIT and their Partners are investing over $11,000 in each individual participating in this program and my signature attests to my commitment to fully meet all program requirements, be on time for 12 weeks, and to finish this course with the best of my ability. (for further review of the commitment guidelines, select this link:


*** Important ***

In submitting your application for this program, you are authorizing Women in Technology (WIT) to use your name and any photos taken for promotional purposes, etc

I agree

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