2024 WIT Volunteer Waitlist

Before completing the WIT Volunteer application, you must watch the WIT Volunteer Orientation Video located here - https://youtu.be/ZiESO9z29MQ- Once completed, you can begin your application which starts with a few questions to ensure you watched the video.

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Have to volunteer for at least 2 events or 1 program throughout the year in order to have priority for the next calendar year and access any volunteer specific events (Please Note: You must volunteer at least once within the first 6 months of the year to stay in the cohort)
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Must be able to attend events in-person
  • Must reside in Georgia
  • Must submit an NDA
  • Must pass a background check if volunteering with WIT Girls

PLEASE NOTE: If you state you can volunteer and something comes up, you MUST find a replacement volunteer from the existing volunteer pool 72 hours in advance in order to stay in the cohort.

Please download your NDA before starting the application - 2024 WIT NDA -.You must upload a signed NDA at the end of this application; saving and continuing later will not be possible.

They are interested
I would like to learn more - can you reach out to me?
WIT Girls
WIT Campus
WIT YoPros
WIT Single Mothers' Program
WIT Forums - Spring 2024 (2/21, 3/20, 5/15)
WIT Forums - Fall 2024 (8/21, 11/20)
WIT Socials
WIT Connect
WIT Awards
1 to 3
3 to 5
5 to 10
I am only interested in becoming a Day of Volunteer


Are you interested in a more substantial volunteer role that requires more time, program management, etc.?



Please confirm you have read and understand all requirements when it comes to the 2024 WIT Volunteer Program

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