2024 WIT Campus: Campus Club of the Year (CCOTY)

Award Application Form


  • Must have an active WIT Campus Club exemplified through the following minimum engagement requirements
  • Hosted at least 2 club events during Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semesters with an emphasis on STEAM education, exposure, or empowerment
  • Completed at least 1 philanthropic activity as a WIT Campus Club to give back to the local community and/or partnered with WIT Office volunteering for a WIT program/event during Fall 2023/Spring 2024
  • Confirm a minimum of 2 club events planned for the upcoming school year Spring 2025 and Spring 2024 with an emphasis on STEAM education, exposure, or empowerment
  • Hosted at least 1 event with a WIT Campus Sponsor during the 2024 school year having a minimum of 15 attendees at the event
  • A minimum of 5 club members attend Job Shadow in January 2024
  • A minimum of 2 club members participated in the Group Mentoring program. Those members attended at least 75% of all meetings during the program
  • Submission of Club Roster
  • Submission of Current Club Constitution/By-laws ensuring the club's execution meets by-law requirements
  • Submission of Videos and/or Photos of events hosted (minimum of 5 artifacts submitted)

Note: Please note Fall 2024 E-Board elections are due by July 31st 2024


  • Attendance to the WIT Women of the Year in STEAM Gala
    • Details disclosed closer to event date
  • Award $5,000
    • Funds will be provided to the club within 90 days of the award
    • Funds should be used to advance the WIT mission through the Campus Club program
    • Winning club to provide WIT Office with a high-level report within 1 year of award receipt to share how the award helped further the WIT Campus Club and overall WIT missions

Please note: A club winner is not eligible to apply for another WIT Campus Club of the Year Award until 24 months after winning.

Applications due by July 3, 2024 by 11:59PM EST

Judging day will take place on September 13th during business hours on-site in an Atlanta Metro location to be announced.

If you have any questions, please email witcampus@mywit.org


Tell us about the 2 hosted STEAM programming event held including name of event, date, attendance record, and any feedback captured from the event.


Tell us about your qualifying philanthropy event/activity (include date of event, attendance information, impact made)


Tell us about your WIT Campus Sponsor event (include date of event, attendance information, results from the event)


Provide member names who joined the Group Mentoring Program and a quote from each as to the value received from the program.

Please attach a minimum of 5 videos or photos of events hosted at your campus.

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